My first infinity crate.

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So the the other day I finally received my first infinity crate, literally I could not contain my excitement when I found out that it was in my local Royal Mail depot, I was straight over there and as soon as the lady handed over the box itself I felt like a child again walking into a toy shop! The excitement was real, what cool little gifts had I been sent? What was in the box? who knew, anyway I rushed home and opened the box.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with all of the cool, nerdy stuff that I had been waiting for, just like the website had said there was a guaranteed tee and POP figure and other cool little nerdy bits all tailored to my own specific likes (the most awesome thing about this sub box).

Wreck-it Ralph/Hulk tee
The first thing that I got out of the box was this awesome Disney/Marvel crossover tee. The main design taking inspiration from "Wreck-It Ralph" and its main character, but because awesomeness and crossovers its actually The Hulk! I could honestly not have gotten a better tee than this one as I am a huge marvel fan and to be honest who doesn't like a good Disney film.

Daredevil POP Vinyl Figure
The next thing that I got was the guaranteed pop figure, at the moment I have 3 POP figures so when I read that these were guaranteed I was very very excited as I do want to grow my collection! Pulling out the box I was very excited to see that I had been sent Daredevil, now while not being the biggest daredevil fan, he still looks incredibly cool and the best part was that this one was a bobblehead as well, which is the first of my collection!

Spiderman Mug
This one was funny because for the last couple of weeks I have been saying to people that I needed a new mug but never had the time to go out and find one that I liked, so its actually pretty lucky that the good people at infinity crate sent over one and it was actually spiderman who I am a big fan of! I'll definitely be using this a lot. 

Pokemon/Halo Prints
I never expected these at all because to be honest getting prints never entered my mind, to see Pokemon straight away made me excited because who isn't a Pokemon fan these days, I am a huge one and the print itself shows the original 151 Pokemon so I can say this is going on my wall by my PC, the other print was a Halo print, again i've never really gotten properly into Halo like I probably should have but oh well its still awesome and I can give it away to a friend!

DragonBall Chain
At the bottom of the crate was the last item that I had received, this was a DragonBall chain, it's a 3D chain as well so its not completely flat. I know that if I actually wore any necklaces or chains then this would have been a great item, still though it is awesome and nerdy which is the point of the crate right?

All in all the crate itself lived up to my expectations and I cannot wait to get my next one sent out, i have already considered upgrading to the premium crate for the extra money which gets me slightly higher value items and the possibility of a second POP or tee. I will be reviewing all the boxes I receive so keep checking back on my blog to see what I get next time.

As a tiny side note I would like to say the customer service at Infinity Crate is great, I couldn't track my crate so messaged them on Facebook and they were very quick with their response and helping with the situation. So well done to them!!


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