Paladins: Champions of the Realm Game review

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Today I thought I would give my own little review on the game that I have become slowly addicted to. The game in question is Paladins:Champions of the realm. When I first had a look online for free to play multiplayer games, of course DOTA and League of Legends popped up but I wanted to play a lesser known game, so after some digging I came across Paladins.

Paladins itself is a very fun game; a multiplayer shooter in which you select a champion, join a team for some fun 5v5 mayhem. There are a few game modes to play but I have mainly stuck to payload ones as these are the mist fun for myself. There is a competitive mode available but this is locked until you get at least 12 champions to mastery (level) 4 or higher, the reason why this is good is because in these competitive games once a champion is selected on your team or enemies then no one else can select that champion, so it allows you to have enough skill with each champ if your main isnt there when its your turn to pick. 

 The roster features various different characters ranging from your typical soldier to mystical serpent king. All of the characters  are put into one of four categories which help to determine their individual playstyle. these categories are Front line, Damage, Flank and Support. The character selection is very varied and each very creative, my favourites have been the support classes so far (but i have been grinding through some others to get competitive)

The one thing that makes this game awesome is the card system that it incorporates into the gameplay, let me explain. Say for instance you pick a Flank character but find you're pushing near the enemy base a lot and favour damage over say speed, you can choose 5 cards that buff out these stats for your champion before the game starts. What this does is add a nice layer of customisation to the champions allowing you to create your own playstyle for what you need to do. It does keep the games interesting and intense as sometimes in other games playing against the same characters with same stats gets a bit boring so this really helps keep the gameplay fresh and new!

As this game is still in beta, its nice to see the devs updating the game frequently and making changes that the community want, one great example of this is with the recent update (OB45) there was a change that was made and some things within the update didn't sit well with players within a week another patch was released that fixed the "problems" in line with the feedback. 

For a F2P this game is very addictive and very fun, if you find yourself wanting to get into a game that one has a thriving community and ties into esports in which regular tournaments are hed with money as the prize or just a game to kid around on and kill some time then Paladins is for you.

If you play paladins or try it out as a result of this feel free to add me: AllstarLuke33


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