Razer Black Mamba TE edition review

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Ok guys so this is the 2nd part of my reviews that I am doing for the things I use with my PC, If you haven't checked my review of the Razer Blackwidow Chroma then check it out here.

This time around I will talking about the Razer Black mamba: Tournament Edition. Now as I mentioned in my first review I got both of these Products from a friend and I tell you now it was the best money that I have spent in ages. On opening the box for the mouse you notice the same kind of build quality as the keyboard and you know that you are holding a good piece of equipment. The general feel seemed to fit to my hand nicely which is what you want from a mouse,

Emblazoned with the Razer logo on the front and sporting two stripes on the sides, just like the keyboard when I plugged it in I was prompted to add it into Razer Synapse and start customizing. As with the keyboard the possibilities for customization are endless, with it having seven buttons on the actual mouse you can change any of them to whatever you want. In terms of actual lighting you can set it to whatever you like (like the Blackwidow).

Everything and I mean everything on this thing can be customized, from the buttons to the different levels of DPI , polling rate and acceleration, again like the Blackwidow if you are a gamer this really lets you get into the nitty gritty of what you actually need to improve your gaming,

One feature that I know would be of use to gamers is the stats page, not only does this show you where on your mousemat you normally use through the use of a heatmap but it lets you see for individual games, so you can really use this to improve you own gaming experience and skill.

Razer products are definitely made for gamers and they are bloody damn good at working in that way, they are build very well and if like me you want to be able to customise everything under the sun then the Blackwidow and Black Mamba TE are definitely for you.


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