The Sticker Shop Review

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So the other day I was contacted to do a little review of  They sent me out some stickers for free and now I am writing this review to let you all know what I think of them, so keep reading and enjoy!

Lets start with the basics, The Sticker Shop specialise in Printed Stickers, Printed Labels, Sticker printing and Label Printing. Basically if you send them an image they will print that image for you and turn it into stickers, it was quite an easy process to do, all I had to do was send over an image and they did all the work and got the stickers sent over. I got a lot of the stickers as well (5 pages of 9 stickers!) I decided to choose my blog header as the sticker. So far I have used them on my guitar (slowly adding more and more stickers to it) but I can imagine if you need some advertising for your blog/business then this is a great way!

Now onto the website form first impressions it looks very clean and easy to use, basically hover on what  design what you want and you can begin creating the stickers for yourself. on further viewing on the website I can see they do different types of materials for there stickers as well which is awesome, and I read that they pride themselves on their customer service having a live chat feature as well as a telephone number and email, so if there is a problem you can speak to a human which is a lot better when trying to sort something out.


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