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Sooooooo today I bring you a review I have been waiting to wrote for so long now, about a month and a half ago I was contacted by WTFactory to test out their new phone cases! From first looks on their websites at the cases I was pleased to see that they had made a case that kept the thinness of modern phones while offering protection from dropping your phone, which I guess we can all agree is the biggest problem in most of our lives. So I couldnt wait to get the case to try it out.

When the cases arrived I had realised that the guys had not only sent me over one case but two! They had sent me over what they dubbed the slim stealth case and the aptly named clipcase. Now this was quite a shock as I only expected to get one case but behold I had two so that meant a slightly better review. Now the first one I tested out was the Stealth case which was a slim black see through case which in turn did actually do what it said, it protected the phone and kept the slim aspect of the phone. To make sure that this was up to the test i decided to pit it against my previous case that I had, which was a Gear 4 D30 case which while protected my phone made it feel bulky, both cases protected the phone from casual drops (off of a table) I didn't test these outside just because thats risky.

The second case, the ClipCase well thats a whole different kettle of fish, this case is so simple yet so brilliant. What it is is a case with a cutaway on the back so that it can fasten on to literally anything and without the needs of any other equipment, I have found this to be especially useful in sporting/workout situations where I want to listen to music but dont want my phone bouncing around in my pocket. Just simply clip it onto your shorts waistband plug in your headphones and boom youre off. So simple yet so effective.

In conclusion both of these cases are great and really do what they say on the tin (or box), I exercise every now and again so I definitely recommend the clipcase because its actually really awesome, If you can take a quick look at their website below. Until the next time.


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