Infinity Crate : May

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So yet another month, yet another infinity crate! As per usual I was very excited to receive this infinity crate, but low and behold because I have recently moved it was sent out to the wrong address. Not the worst thing as it was redelivered in a couple of days which just made me open it more!!

As soon as it arrived I knew what to expect a new shirt and a new POP figure, this is the great thing about the infinity crate because I just get more and more to add to my collection of POPs and another shirt(saves me having to constantly buy new ones! Below as usual is an image of what was in the box this month and i'll talk through all of the little bits and bobs.

So where do I begin with what I got in this months crate? well lets strat with the biggest thing the shirt! Now as a big batman fan I was very very pleased with this random short as I thin k it looks hella cool and the fact the joker is made up of "ha ha's" and Batman is made up of bats just make this such a cool design, I dont know of this beats my Star Lord Shirt though?

Sticking with the Batman theme i'll move onto the vinyl sticker in the top right, plain and simple when I get a sticker it goes straight onto my guitar, so this one fit nicely onto the body of my guitar and every sticker I get in the future will have the same fate.

The sonic spork was a nice little bonus, i have to admit I am not a big fan of Doctor Who but I still think its pretty awesome and actually is really handy because now if I have two out of the  three main bits of cutlery in one!!

Now onto the little ginger dude in teh bottom left corner, the mystery POP figure in this months crate, if you couldn't tell already he is from the harry potter series. No he is not ron, it is in actual fact his brother George weasley, again the great thing about the infinity crate is I am now amassing a collection of different nerdy things and not having to pick them myself so the randomness is actual really cool.

Last but not least I have the catwoman figure in the top right, now this was a surprise as I got a saruman figure just like this one last week, I have decided to keep these in their boxes like a good nerd just incase one day (I doubt it) they are worth any form of money.

And there you go thats what I got in my May infinity crate! Apologies for it being posted so late, i'll try to keep on track with these now! Dont forget to share the page and tweet me @lukedonovan3

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