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So the great guys over at Media PR decided to send me some stuff to review, now one of the great things abut blogging is finding out about new tech things and also being able to give them a try. So when I come across a product that takes something simple and expands on its design and makes it better, I cant say no. So ladies and gentleman I give you the Penclic mouse.

What is the Penclic I here you say? Is it a pen? Is is a mouse? well my answer would be it is both. It is a mouse that has been designed in the shape of a pen, now some of you might be asking why would anyone want to do this? Well the guys over at Penclic have found out that you actually do cause some points of stress on your wrist and arms while using a mouse normally. It tends to be around the joints. What they have created is a more natural way of holding a mouse that will decrease these points of stress.

The pen itself has two buttons on it for left and right click and then a little scroll wheel so everything you can do on a normal mouse can be done on this one just as easy. I do have to admit after using it a couple of times it did feel a lot more natural, obviously when I fist used it my hand was like what the hell is this? why am I holding a pen? but I got used to quickly and adapted to it.

The pen comes with a handy little USB receiver (Yes! its wireless), rechargeable battery and a micro-USB cable for charging it up. Thats literally all you need to get started once its charged up, plug it in, let it install its drivers and you're away.  One nice use I've found is that when I'm on Photoshop this does help with editing and drawing as its more precise than my standard mouse, I like to think of it like if a pen/graphics tablet had a baby with a mouse. So basically taking the best of two already amazing devices and making one neat device.


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