Seamore - The interesting pasta alternative

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In a world where clean eating is everywhere and colourful images of different free form foods plague the realms of social media pages, I often find myself asking 'does this stuff actually taste nice or is it just an aesthetically pleasing post designed to attract likes, shares and publicity? '. With different celebrities pushing whoever they're being told to push how can you really trust what they're saying? well recently I was sent some pasta that puts a great twist on a classic dish!

Ever heard of Seamore pasta? nope neither had I, when I opened the package and saw the product I was sent, I was quite taken a back. Pasta made out of seaweed?! surely this isn't right, how has this even come to be a creation. After reading a bit about the product and the story behind the making of the pasta I was a tiny bit more inclined to try some. Now as a huge pasta eater (I mean like 75% of my diet) this was quite a interesting product to try. I had read through the instructions on the back of the packaging and they instruct you depending on how you want the pasta to taste. So if you just cook it like normal pasta it would have more of an ''ocean breeze'' or if you let it soak for 20-25 mins it would have a little hint  ''ocean breeze'', I opted for the latter and let it soak. Me and Alicia decided to do a seafood inspired dish because its seaweed so why not. I had also read a handy tip in the little booklet I received that the creator also used normal tagliatelle with the pasta to help his kids to get used to the texture and taste, so with this in mind I decided to do the same.

After both lots of pasta was cooked and the sauce had been added, I went ahead and tried it, at first my mind was confused by the slightly darker green mixed throughout my normal pasta dish. But regardless I thought what could be so bad. I do have to say that I was absolutely surprised with the taste when I actually did eat it. it didn't taste like seaweed at all or how I expected it to taste wither. it was not salty at all. I just reminded me of slightly crunchier pasta, that's it. Every pre-conception I had of this instantly vanished. it just fit very well with actual pasta that after a while it was hard to tell apart from the colour that there was actually any difference with the two. Definitely tasty.

With Seamore pasta being completely organic, low cal/carb and full of fibre minerals and vitamins I can only heavily recommend this pasta, once you try it you'll be intrigued and confused both at the same time to why this tastes like it does as your brain tells you it shouldn't. And not to sound to Eco-warrior but it is very friendly to the environment, as there probably a whole lot of seaweed to harvest in the sea.


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