Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - Review - Part 1

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As a huge fan of fighting games in general and the Marvel universe, I was very very excited for this game when it was first announced. My first introduction to Marvel fighting games was way back on the PS1 with a game called Marvel Superheros, which was (after some light online reading) was the first incarnation of all of the future fighting games, my friend told me to download MvC3 which kinda reignited my love for fighting games, so I went ahead and preordered the game and waited for it to be released.

Now first I'll get the slight downsides out of the way, the game was announced for a September 19th release but they told no one at what time in the day it would be released so like many other players on PC we waited for the 19th only to find it was quite late in the day to would be released, not the worst but a tiny bit annoying as I wanted to play asap. regardless once the game had downloaded I was very excited to get in and wreck some competition.

My one major gripe with the previous game was that there was no story mode which kinda had no justification of why the two universes had collided or were fighting each other, but this game completely changed that, it was the first thing I did in the game was to play through the story mode and wow! what a story mode it was. Most people were upset with the character roster for this game as there were no X-men (who had been in every previous game), no Dr. Doom, no Deadpool and various others. one thing I learned from the story mode is that although it seems like there isn't a lot of characters they have created some awesome characters that actually are difficult to master and each requires some training to learn what kinda fighter they are.

The story behind the game was absolutely fantastic, it follows all the characters from the game and their goal to track down the infinity stones before Ultron Sigma can do the same and take over the world (kinda cliche but it works). I don't remember the last time I was so engrossed in a story before (actually I can, MGS2). Everything about the story mode is brilliant the characters the voices, the cutscenes everything just seems to blend together very very well and at one point in the story I actually got goosebumps because of how into the game I was and I don't think a game has done that to date so well done MvC for really dragging me into the universe.  They even managed to handle humor very well in the game, with characters like Rocket Raccoon and Spiderman there are bound to be some one-liners somewhere in the game and the great part is again they fit very well and don't seem cheesy or out of place with the serious aspects of what took place.

In part 2 I'll go over what I think of the online modes and the different modes of gameplay that are in the game.

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