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So with so many post-apocalyptic shows on TV these days it begs the question who and how would you survive? Now myself, being a big fan of The Walking Dead, I have probably asked myself/thought of this question quite a lot. Where would I go? who would I stick with? where would I get supplies from and this handy infographic on the right kindly puts into context how long each perishable food would last and basically shows you what to eat and which foods would last through what disasters we see on TV.

Now for myself, I'm going to use the zombie apocalypse as a precursor to this writing. Now there are many other natural disasters that could occur where we need to fend for ourselves but zombies are probably the coolest and my favorite.

If I awoke one day to the inherent end of the world I don't know what my first move would be, contact family and loved ones probably, I'm guessing this would be most peoples first reactions to something like a zombie apocalypse. After I had assured my friends/family were safe I would definitely be heading to the nearest supermarket to raid supplies like that of food and things to use as weapons and for cooking. After I had supplies and cooking stuff etc, thinking about it now I would probably then head to my nearest city centre which would be Birmingham and then from there on I dont even know.

It's an interesting phenomenom, a zombie apocolypse because as we've seen on shows like TWD, peoples morals go out of the window and their own primitaive nature kicks in and survival takes precedent. Now I know TWD is a show and is made basically for ratings so there has to be some shock factor to it but I could really see some people turn into monsters just to survive.

So if there ever is a zombie apocalypse rest-assured I will be heading back to this post to use this chart for my future food scavenging and hey why don't you too! how ironic would it be that I would get more views on a blog post when the internet is not important anymore, hopefully, it never gets there but you never know.

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Infographic created by Data Label


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